Sunday, September 30, 2012

Elder Matangi and others...

After Elder Christensen left, Elder Matangi joined Elder Williams to serve as an AP.  He is of Tongan heritage and was raised in Logan, Utah.  We had a lot of fun with him for one transfer, then he finished his mission and returned home the middle of July.

Sister Pitts and Sister Childers were assigned to the Utica Ward early this year and stayed for three transfers.  They actually live in New Hartford which is a suburb right next to Whitesboro.  Sister Pitts was Sister Childers trainer.  We got to see quite a lot of them when they would come in to use the computers on Mondays to read (and write) their mail.  They treated us with chocolate chip cookies and brownies, so we treated them to lunch just before Sister Pitts was transferred.

Then Elder Becerrill joined Elder Williams.  Elder Becerrill is a good missionary and has beautiful manners--always opens doors for the sisters, waits till they have gone through the food line before he serves himself--you get the idea.  He is also lots of fun and Elder Williams continues to loosen up under his influence.

The other day Elder Williams got a letter and after he opened it, he came over to my desk and said in a stricken tone of voice, "Sister Karlinsey, if I ever get another envelope this size with girl's handwriting on it, I don't want to see it!"

"Why," I asked.  "What is it?"

He pulled out the contents of the envelope and gave it to me as he said, "A wedding announcement!"

"Elder, Williams, I didn't think you had a girl waiting for you."

"I don't, but I was hoping this one would still be available when I got home!"  Turns out he had dated her a few times, but they didn't have a serious relationship, and although he did like her, he was just jerking my chain.

Elder Huebsch (pronounced hip-shhh, hand striking hip then finger raised to lips; people don't forget how to pronounce his name when he goes through this routine) and Elder Hall have been serving in the Oneida area for three transfers now.  Elder Huebsch is fresh from the MTC and Elder Hall is his trainer.  Our branch mission leader made up a calendar which he posted on the bulletin board in Church for people to volunteer to feed the missionaries.  The only dates taken were one night a week and those were with the Sanders (the branch mission leader).  We were standing in the vicinity of the calendar and Elder Hall said to me, "Sister Karlinsey, wouldn't you like to sign this calendar?"

"Elder Hall," I explained to him, "even though we attend the Oneida Branch, we don't live inside the boundaries, and you know that you aren't supposed to leave your area boundary unless it is to attend mission meetings.  The only time I could feed you would be for lunch on Wednesday after your District Meeting, and I know that you often go to lunch as a District after your meeting is over."  Their District Meetings are held in the Utica Church building which adjoins our office.

"That's true," he said, "but not all the time."

"Okay," I said, "why don't you and Elder Huebsch come to lunch next Wednesday, and if the District decides to do lunch together, just let me know and we can move it to a different Wednesday."

The next day, Elder Hall and Elder Huebsch were in the office for their interviews with the President and Elder Hall said, "Sister Karlinsey, Elder Huebsch and I are doing a blitz with the Zone Leaders on Wednesday right after District meeting.  What shall we do about lunch?"

The following Wednesday was transfer day and we both knew that there was a possibility that either he or his companion would be transferred, so I said, "The Zone Leaders eat lunch, don't they?"

"I guess so", he replied.

"Okay, if you'll take care of inviting them, I'll make sure I have enough food to feed four elders."

"Deal!"  He was happy again.  So the picture above is of Elder Huebsch and Elder Hall, then the Zone Leaders, Elder Tingey and Elder Tibbitts.  We had a great time.

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