Sunday, September 25, 2011

High Priests Fireside

We were invited to attend a fireside tonight by the Utica Ward High Priests Group.  President and Sister Bulloch picked us up and took us to Dallas and Sandy Jones house for the fireside.  There were about six couples and four widows there.  Brother Jones led the discussion on prayer and it was a great evening.  At one point Sister Brady told about her baptism.  Sister Jones is in her late 80s and a convert to the Church.  She used to tell people that she belonged to the Church of the Spoken Word.  She listened to the Tabernacle Choir every Sunday for 50 years and she loved Richard L. Evans.  She decided after several years that she wanted to join that church.  So she finally walked into the Utica Ward and told the Bishop that she wanted to join the Church.  He asked her if she had received the missionary discussions and she answered, "What's that?"  So in due course, she was taught and baptized.  She said that for weeks before she was baptized, she prayed that Jesus would be at her baptism, that Brigham Young, David O. McKay and Richard L. Evans would be there.  After the baptism was over and she was going home, she said, "Hmmm, they didn't come," and was very disappointed.

Sunday came and she went to Sacrament Meeting and took the sacrament for the first time.  As she drank the water she heard a voice saying, "I am Jesus Christ, I am here."

Then she heard a loud, booming voice saying, "I am Brigham Young, I am here."

Then she heard a soft, quiet voice saying, "I am David O. McKay, I am here."

Then she heard heard a very familiar voice say, "I am Richard Evans and I don't have a spoken word!"

Several years later she met Sister Evans and told her this story.  It was the first time she had shared this with anyone.  When she got to the part about Brother Evans, Sister Evans said, "That sounds just like Richard!"

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