Sunday, September 25, 2011


The Oneida Branch had a temple excursion to the Palmyra temple two weeks ago.  We got permission from President Bulloch and went with them.  It is a two hour trip from our apartment.  When we arrived, the temple president was addressing our youth in the baptism area on the blessings of temple work.  He told a wonderful story about a friend of his whose father had never joined the church.  He was a hard headed, stubborn German man who had avoided any discussion about the Church while he was alive.  After he had been dead for a number of years, she decided to have his temple work done.  Her Bishop and home teacher were in the baptismal font while she was watching on the side.  As these priesthood holders prepared to do the baptism, this woman saw her father standing on the other side of the font.  He was rocking back and forth, standing on his tip toes as though he was preparing to run.  After the baptism was completed, he looked across the font at his daughter and smiled.  She had been very anxious about having his work done because he had been so stubborn when he was alive, so she was elated that she was able to have this confirmation that he would accept the work. Bill and I helped with the baptisms, me handing out towels and him performing priesthood duties and we had a wonderful time.  We then went through an endowment session.

After we left the temple, we drove over to the Visitors Center near the Sacred Grove.  We went on a tour of the Smith family's log house, the frame house that Hyrum built for his parents, the coopers shop where Joseph had hidden the plates on a few occasions, and the barn.  There was a hollow Beech log in the barn that the family had used for a beehive which was quite impressive.  All in all, it was a very interesting tour.  It ended at the entrance to the Sacred Grove.  We walked through the grove again, resting occasionally and enjoying the quiet and the spirit that existed there.

While we were there, we met EmRee Moncur Pugmire's husband.  He was traveling on business and decided to take a few hours and see the grove since he was so close.  We had a nice visit about folks and relatives that we had in common.

We took pictures, but apparently something is wrong with our camera, because they didn't save to the disc.  Darn!

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