Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elders Kunzler & Miller

This is Elder Kunzler and Elder Miller.  They were the Assistants to the President when we arrived back in August.  They are really great young missionaries.  Elder Kunzler was scheduled to go home the 29th of September, but there were an uneven number of elders created at the transfer (three elders left and four arrived) and If Elder Kunzler had gone home, the mission would have had to close an area, so President Bulloch asked him if he would stay till the end of October.  Elder Kunzler was more than happy to stay.

He has been fun to work with.  I said to him once, "Elder Kunzler, you look just like the Von Trapp boys in The Sound of Music."

He groaned and said, "I have heard that all my life!"  But it's true.

We invited them over for supper just before he left, but we waited too long to extend the invitation--they were gone most of the week before he left, and had appointments every night they were in town.  So they came over Sunday evening to say good-bye and we got this picture.  We miss him, but love his replacement.

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