Sunday, November 20, 2011

MORE Snow!

We woke up Friday morning to lots of snow!  I checked the Weather Channel and there was a severe storm warning--Lake effect snow!  Apparently the snow that forms when the wind blows across the Great Lakes is more dangerous than the average Wyoming snow--it has a greater moisture content.

This picture was taken through the window--you can see the screen.  I was afraid we wouldn't get any more pictures of this snow, so this is Bill after he finished cleaning off the car windows so we could drive to work safely.  You can see that there is no snow on the sidewalks or roads.  It's not because everyone is so diligent about cleaning them, it's because the ground isn't cold enough to keep the snow from melting.  When we got to the office, there was ice and a little snow on top of the ice on the driveway and sidewalk.  Maybe it is colder there because it is more exposed to the wind...

The snow is really wet and makes great snowballs.  I threw this one at Bill, but missed; I didn't get another chance because he wasn't going to throw one at me and made it to the car before I could make another one.  Oh well, there will be more snow.  The postman told Bill that the lovely, mild weather we have been enjoying all fall has a consequence--it makes for more lake effect snow later in the season!  This snow was all melted by mid-afternoon.

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