Sunday, October 9, 2011

Farmers Market

This is the Whitesboro Town Hall.  It was erected in 1807, as noted on the picture below of the plaque above the door.  Isn't it a great building?

Apparently, it was not built to be a town hall, as it was donated by the Honorable Philo White in 1860!

Across the street from Town Hall is the village green.  Whitesboro is a village, not a town or city.  Every Monday afternoon since early August, local farmers and artisans gather, set up booths, and have a Farmers Market.  You can't see this woman's big kettle very well, but she makes kettle corn and sells it for $4.00 for a small bag or $5 for a large one.  The one you see on the table is large, but the small isn't much smaller.  We buy a small one and it lasts us two days.  Yum!

This farmer has about 6 varieties of apples.  We bought about 5 pounds of Galas for $5.00.  They are smaller than most Galas that you buy in the grocery store, but they are very tasty.

This woman sets up every week, but I'm not sure she sells much--I haven't seen very many customers with money in their hands.  She has crocheted goods and baby clothes (you can see a display of burp rags).

This booth sells maple stuff--cotton candy is hanging on the left, bottles of syrup and bags of maple candy on the table.  We bought cotton candy a couple of weeks ago and the maple favor was delightful.

Now this is what we really came for: vegetables of every variety and we bought a head of savoy cabbage.  First one I've ever tasted.  It has a milder taste than regular cabbage, although the farmer told us it had a "bolder" taste.  We have made cole slaw as well as steamed cabbage and found it very good.  We also got bell peppers (50 cents each), beets (haven't had fresh beets for a long time), cucumbers, and Italian plums.  We have bought corn on the cob the last three weeks and it was to die for; not too mature and really sweet.  We've had fresh corn almost every night since we bought the first cobs.

We didn't buy any of these, but we were amazed to see that this is the way Brussel sprouts grow!  Who knew?
As you can see, we have eaten really healthy for several weeks.  The vegies are so fresh and good, we make entire meals out of them and have a hard time not over-eating.  There are several more venders, including two that sell goat cheese that is really good.  Unfortunately, Halloween will be the last time they will have it this year.  We will miss it and look forward to them resuming next summer.

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