Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little housekeeping

When we arrived in New York we moved into an apartment on Clinton Road.  It is in a very large complex that consists of more than 24 buildings and meanders over several acres.  They are called the Sadaquada (the accent is on the first syllable, secondary accent on the third syllable) Apartments.You can see two buildings in the next picture.  There are very large trees throughout the complex, as well as beautiful lawns and flowers.  We are in building 6, apartment A.  We think it is the nicest apartment we have had on our missions. We think the buildings are more than 40 years old, but they have been very well maintained. We are very happy here.

This is actually the building east of ours, but it looks very similar to ours.  I took this picture because the flowers and bushes in their front yard are beautiful, but they don't show very well in this picture.
When we moved into the apartment, the only furniture we had was two chairs and some bookcases in the living room; a table and two chairs in the dining room; a chest of drawers, two end tables and two twin beds in the bedroom!  The only overhead lights in the apartment are in the dining room and bathroom, so the two small table lamps in our bedroom were hardly adequate.  

But after two and a half weeks, the Riedelbachs finished their mission and were ready to head out on a vacation, visiting their kids in Sarajevo.  The Mission was closing out their apartment and opening this one for us (ours is only a mile from the office, the previous one was 10 miles away), so all of their furniture came over to our apartment.  Below you see the results!

We also bought several lamps.  This one has a paper shade that has a very Oriental feel.

As you can see, our kitchen is quite small.  However, we have lived with smaller!  You will notice that there is a dishwasher, which is a first.  Can you tell I'm happy about that?  And a full size stove!  Much better than a hot plate and a toaster oven.

After we had been here a month, we bought this kitchen island that we found at Wal-Mart.  It provided a place to put the microwave and storage for silverware and a lot of stuff that was sitting on top of the table.  Yeah!

We also got a king size bed which we put in the master bedroom (yes, it is a two bedroom apartment) for which we bought a beautiful pale gold bedspread with matching valances.  I tried to upload pictures of this lovely room, but blogspot wouldn't cooperate.  So, unless I find some excuse to put the pictures in a different story, you'll just have to be content with my description.

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